Discover the Luxury Exclusivity with Shamdor Real Estate’s SECRET LISTINGS!


They are exclusive offers of luxury properties that are not publicly advertised. These hidden gems are some of the most coveted and luxurious properties in Mallorca. Thanks to our strong collaborations, we have created a vast reserve of SECRET LISTINGS that are never made publicly visible, giving you access to exclusive properties that would otherwise be out of reach.

Advantages of buying through SECRET LISTINGS:


Access to luxury properties not available to the general public.


Enjoy a purchasing process that respects and protects your privacy.

Less competition

Since these listings are not public, you compete with fewer buyers, potentially giving you a better negotiating position.


Our SECRET LISTINGS typically offer luxury properties of uniqueness rarely found in the market.


The assurance that each property has been carefully selected and investigated to meet the highest standards of luxury and exclusivity.

Make your dream come true

Purchase the property of your dreams in Mallorca safely and comfortably

Your next step:

Register as a member of the Secret Listings. After a personal verification of your data, you will receive exclusive access to our Pool of Secret Listings. Discover exclusive properties presented only to a select group.

With Shamdor Real Estate, you will open the door to the luxury real estate treasures of Mallorca. Contact us now and discover the advantages of our SECRET LISTINGS!

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