Personalized advice

Focusing all our efforts towards the properties that we manage and adapting always to each and every one of the different needs that are offered to our clients, thus offering an individualized and personified service for each property in particular.

For this we have an excellent qualified professional network with extensive specialized knowledge of the market, which allows to perform a customized management for each type of customer, attending to their different types of needs to ensure success in the purchase process.

Competent estimate of the sale price

by realizing a real appraisal of the home with the most advanced program in the market in order to get the owner to sell in the shortest possible time at the best guaranteed price. In addition, there are regulatory reports on the sale status that allow the owner to have knowledge at all times of the situation in which the sale process is located.


Through a system with a unique platform, which allows cooperation between real estate professionals to provide an excellent service to customers, which facilitates working with all real estate, respecting the same conditions of sale, always operating with the same interlocutor. with more than 50 relevant real estate agencies in the real estate market. With this global network of properties, our strategic alliance with collaborators and the wide range of services as well as the quality of our marketing actions, drive our services to excellence.

Personalized marketing online and offline

Customized marketing actions online and offline since we work on the concept of individual marketing for each property, the customer can choose between obtaining the maximum level of scope and visibility in terms of their home, or opt for full discretion . It is the client himself who decides how Shamdor Real Estate realizes the commercialization of his house.

Selection of potential clients

through a filtering process, by which the company knows perfectly the specific needs of each client to know with total security what they are looking for, being able to assign it only to those properties that fit in their search.

Once the customer filter is done, we offer help as well as different alternatives in case of difficulties with financing, in order to guarantee the success of the operation and to obtain the greatest possible satisfaction between both parties.

Competent, qualified, reliable and professional sales team

which is in constant training and updating to acquire new knowledge of real estate market and thus guarantee high chances of success. The solid professional preparation of the real estate consultants allows us to deal with even the most complex operations, always having as a priority to ensure total customer satisfaction.

The team is multilingual, which allows to establish relationships with all types of public and carry out purchase and sale operations on a national and international level.

Professional contractual regulatory agreement

under which the company is subject to regulation, which guarantees the client a greater level of confidence towards it, as well as a greater degree of tranquility. All the documentation as well as the procedures to be carried out will follow the guidelines established in the current regulation

Comprehensive after-sales service

By which the company is committed to stay with the customer, not only during the purchase process, but once the same. From the start of the operation to the end of the operation, Shamdor Real Estate will guide the client, thus offering a global service.



Fiscal advice

We have a professional network of experts in tax matters who work on proper planning and management of assets, which will help you in terms of tax procedures, tax filing and tax optimization. We offer advice in case of intra-community operations, so that our foreign clients can resolve their doubts and requests by contacting our team of qualified managers.

Financial Department

Our team of qualified and specialized managers will help our clients to obtain the best financing, providing them with the necessary information on mortgages and property valuation, offering them the best market conditions that best suit their profile, always providing them with financial solutions. customized in order to get the sale made.

Accreditations necessary for the sale of the property

We provide our clients with all kinds of facilities and recommendations to follow when it comes to obtaining energy certificates, certificates of occupancy and certificates of completion, always directing them to competent professionals of our confidence.

Buffet of prestigious lawyers

We work with a team of specialized lawyers with a high knowledge of the sector, to carry out the provision of expert advice and quality in all areas present in our activity. In this way, an integral service specialized in real estate is provided, including international operations, advising our foreign clients who wish to acquire real estate in our country.


We work hand in hand with several experts dedicated to the decoration and interior design sector, to be able to guide our clients when creating unique spaces adapted to their needs. The homestaging service will help both the owner to expedite the sale of your home, as well as the client who acquires the property, to be guided in decorating your new home, according to your tastes and needs.

Construction and architecture service

We work with a wide network formed by several companies dedicated to the construction and architecture, being able to choose our clients those that best adapt to the final project they intend to achieve. They will provide their services throughout the process of advice and execution, whether new work, reform, remodeling of the home or any activity that requires their participation.

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