Shamdor Real Estate is one of the principal companies of specialised intermediary property services due to our unique network which is in constant expansion and with the strength of our product we have reached an exclusive clientele.

Shamdor Real Estate has become established as the primary option, becoming a reference in the real estate sector.

– Professionalism
– Confidentiality
– Transparency
– Commitment
– Excellence


  • In Shamdor Real Estate our mission is a binding commitment, we focus our relationships with a long-term vision, where the total satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority. To achieve this purpose, the values that characterize our company are those that are detailed then:
  • Professionalism: We form an excellent professional network where we work with very qualified and knowledgeable personnel of the sector, which is in constant training and learning to acquire new knowledge of the real estate market in order to guarantee the best customer service. The team is multilingual, which allows to establish relationships with all types of public and carry out purchase and sale operations on a national and international level.
  • Confidentiality: We guarantee security in the protection of our clients’ data, as well as in the course of the operations carried out with the company. Our main mission is the total satisfaction of our clients, so that confidentiality is an implicit value to achieve this end.
  • Transparency: The company when transmitting an idea or advising the client about the options that guarantee greater success, will do so with maximum clarity and austerity so that the client has a clear and precise knowledge at all times. The client will be aware of the information that concerns him as well as the situation in which his sales process is in order to achieve a level of maximum confidence in the company-client relationship.
  • Commitment: We get involved in the project of each of our clients, listening and taking care of each one of their needs, since each specific case requires a specific management. Hence the adaptation of Shamdor Real Estate to each of its clients to offer them the best personalized service.
  • Excellence: We strive for perfection in all the processes and procedures carried out, in order to guarantee our clients the highest quality in the achievement of results. The achievements of the company are based on a good orientation towards the results, as well as towards the client and towards the processes implicit in the operations carried out.


If you have any questions you can contact us in the following ways:

Carrer dels Paraires, 26, Planta 1º (Paseo del Borne)
07001 Palma de Mallorca

+34 871 522 939

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